Timelapse of Yoshino Japanese Cherry Blossoms Blooming

This is a timelapse video of Yoshino cherry blossoms blooming, close-up.

Timelapse of Yoshino Japanese Cherry Blossoms BloomingPin
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2024 Peak Bloom

It's still too early to know precisely when the famous cherry blossoms will bloom around the Tidal Basin in Spring 2024. By early March, we'll start getting a better sense of timing, after we see how temperatures are trending during the latter part of the winter. Warmer temperatures bring an earlier bloom; cooler temperatures push the bloom later.

To give you an idea of what the process looks like speeded up many, many times, here’s a timelapse I shot of the flowers blooming.

It captures about five days or so, through the peduncle elongation, puffy white, and peak bloom stages.

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