Reader Photos 2018 | Part 2

These are some of the beautiful photos of 2018’s bloom of the cherry blossoms that were submitted by Cherry Blossom Watch readers. This is part 1–more to come.

Photo of Washington DC Cherry Blossoms.
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A big thank you to those who have submitted your photos of this year's cherry blossoms to share. It has been a very pretty bloom this year, and you've all captured it wonderfully in your photos.

There are a lot of photos sent in, and even after making some selections there are too many for a single post. So I'm breaking it up into a few installments. This is part 2–you can see part 1 here.

Thanks again to all who have sent in their photos!

Photo by Deb Meislin.
Photo by Alaina Pitt.
Photo by Yankai Li.
Photo by Marie Cris Garay.
Photo by Bernadette Day.
Photo by Yuesheng Zheng.
Photo by Derrell Bradford.
Photo by Susan Grove.
Photo by Allaa Tabouni.
Photo by Bethany Locklear.
Photo by Joanne Fung.
Photo by Rachel DeMonaco.
Photo by Jessie Castner.
Photo by Jeannette Gregory.
Photo by Ann Marston.
Photo by wensen niu.
Photo by Elaine Grimm.
Photo by Paulette Musselman.
Photo by Nash Long.
Photo by Jenny Counter.
Photo by Lura Marshall.
Photo by Mai Roseman.
Photo by Denise Mohler.
Photo by Ashley Martinez.
Photo by Lisa King.
Photo by Jessica Lowe.
Photo by Anita Child.
Photo by Beth Iseminger.

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  1. My 93 year old Dad marked off an item on his bucket list – seeing the blossoms then a trip to the WWII Memorial where he was the only WWII vet there. Thank you!


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