Cherry Blossom Photography Tips

Tips for taking photos of Washington DC’s cherry blossoms.

Using Drones at the Tidal Basin

If you're tempted to take photos or video of the cherry blossoms from a drone--or indeed… Read More

Sunrise and Sunset Times at the Tidal Basin | March 2017

If you're heading down to take photos of the cherry blossoms at sunrise or sunset, here… Read More

The Floral Library

Consisting mostly of several varieties of colorful tulips, the Floral Library is located at the northeast… Read More

Ultra-High Resolution Panorama of the Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin

An ultra-high resolution 3-gigapixel panorama of Washington DC's Tidal Basins with the cherry blossoms in bloom. Read More

Cherry Blossom Photo Tours

If you're looking improve your photography skills, a hands-on photo tour of the cherry blossoms can… Read More

Family or Engagement Photos with the Cherry Blossoms - Local Professional Photographers

Looking to hire a professional photographer for family, engagement, or portrait photos with the cherry blossoms?… Read More

Tips for Taking Cherry Blossom Photos with Your Smartphone

Ideas for playing to the strengths of the camera you have with you all the time. Read More

Using the Sun

The sun can be a very dramatic addition to your photos of Washington DC's cherry blossoms. Read More

Avoiding the Crowds

Crowds are an integral part of Washington DC's cherry blossom season. But there are ways you… Read More

Shooting in the Dark

The cherry blossoms look great during the day, but there are also photographic opportunities at night. Read More

Take the Weather as it Comes

Springtime in Washington can bring a mixed bag of weather, from stunningly clear spring days to… Read More