NPS Revises its Peak Bloom Forecast

The National Park Service today revised their 2016 peak bloom forecast in light of forecasts of very warm weather this week and next.

Photo of Washington DC Cherry Blossoms.
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It's still too early to guess with much confidence when the 2023 bloom will be. But we've seen a much-warmer-than-normal January, and long-range forecasts suggest above-average temperatures continuing as we get deeper into February (after a short very cold spurt at the beginning of the month).

On average, Washington DC's cherry blossoms bloom around late-March into early April, but the precise timing varies year to year depending on the local temperatures in the leadup to the bloom. You can find general information on the 2023 bloom to help plan your visit here.

The National Park Service this afternoon (March 8) moved its peak bloom forecast up to falling sometime in the period March 18-23.

Last week, they predicted March 31 to April 3, but very warm weather forecast for this week and next has prompted them to move their prediction earlier.

Earlier in the afternoon, the Washington Post‘s Capital Weather Gang issued their own forecast: March 24 to 28.

You can find the latest forecasts on the 2016 peak bloom forecast page.

2 thoughts on “NPS Revises its Peak Bloom Forecast”

  1. We are arriving to DC to see the Cherry blossom on the 29th of March from New Orleans, are we too late???, Do we need to cancelled our trip???
    Our trip is just to see the cherry blossoms. How much can we see on the 30th?
    Thank you

    • If the new NPS forecast proves to be accurate, the main blossoms will likely be mostly gone by March 29. You can see what to expect in the days after peak bloom here. But it’s also possible that even the revised forecast misses the mark and it turns out being a bit later. The Washington Post‘s Capital Weather Gang, who also have a good track record, issued their forecast yesterday and predicted March 24-28. Today’s Cherry Blossom Watch update, which includes photos from this morning, might also help.


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