The Floral Library

Consisting mostly of several varieties of colorful tulips, the Floral Library is located at the northeast corner of the Tidal Basin.

The Floral Library is a flower garden patch planted by the National Park Service next to the Tidal Basin. It consists mainly of several varieties of tulips, but there are also daffodils and other flowers.

The tulips typically bloom a bit after the cherry blossoms, so it’s a good option if you arrive a bit late for the cherry blossoms.

How to Find It

It’s located right next to the Tidal Basin, next to the northern end of the Maine Ave parking lot (the opposite end of the parking lot from the paddle boats). If you’re trying to get your bearings, it’s on the corner of the Tidal Basin closest to the Washington Monument.

In the spring, there are lots of tulips around the area. Another good option is the tulip garden at the base of the Netherlands Carillon.


Last updated November 9, 2016