Cherry Blossom Watch Update: November 2, 2014

Wondering what the cherry trees look like in the fall? Here are some photos.

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It's still too early to guess with much confidence when the 2023 bloom will be. But we've seen a much-warmer-than-normal January, and long-range forecasts suggest above-average temperatures continuing as we get deeper into February (after a short very cold spurt at the beginning of the month).

On average, Washington DC's cherry blossoms bloom around late-March into early April, but the precise timing varies year to year depending on the local temperatures in the leadup to the bloom. You can find general information on the 2023 bloom to help plan your visit here.

In the spring, the famous cherry blossoms in Washington DC are covered in beautiful pink and white flowers, followed by fresh green leaves. During the summer, they're covered in a thick covering of dark green leaves. In the winter they're completely bare. Here's what they look like in the fall as they lose their leaves.

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