Cherry Blossom Watch Update: March 30, 2013

How Washington DC's famous Cherry Blossoms are doing as of March 30, 2013. With fresh photos taken today.

Today and tomorrow should start to feel a bit more like spring, with warmer temperatures and some sunshine. It should be mostly nice to be out and about, but the cherry blossoms still haven’t come out to play.

As you’d expect on a spring-like weekend morning, there are more people out today.

Ohio Drive SW between Independence Avenue and the Jefferson Memorial is now part of a one-way circuit to make it less chaotic with all the traffic coming in for the cherry blossoms. You can’t turn off Independence Avenue and head southeast toward the Jefferson Memorial–you can only go from the Jefferson Memorial toward the Kennedy Center. And be warned–there were tow trucks out this morning getting cars that had been illegally parked.

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  • Thanks for all the work you do on this blog. It is incredibly useful to see the pictures since I moved this year from downtown DC to Annapolis. I am trying to bring my sister out to visit and we have already postponed once. Seems like the blossoms still have a lot of blooming to do to make April 5th as the peak. Do you think next weekend is still realistic for lots of blossoms?