Cherry Blossom Watch Update: April 9, 2014

It’s a sparkling spring morning down at the Tidal Basin. There’s a bit of a chill in the air and a slight breeze, but otherwise it’s a very pleasant morning. The trees are looking beautiful, and it’ll be prime viewing from today through the weekend.

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2023 Peak Bloom

The NPS judged that the Yoshino cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin reached peak bloom on March 23, 2023. They're now done for the year..

It's a sparkling spring morning down at the Tidal Basin. There's a bit of a chill in the air and a slight breeze, but otherwise it's a very pleasant morning.

Most of the trees are in the process of popping now. Quite a lot are now wide open, but there are still many that have some work to do over the next few days.

There are some photos below taken from a distance that give a good sense of the mix of pink and white trees. At this stage of the process, the pink is mostly trees that haven't yet fully opened. You can see it more clearly in the close-ups. The fully opened blossoms are white. Over the next few days, the open, white blossoms will gradually turn pink before dropping off. (Some of the photos below (and the one at the top of the page) were taken moments after the sun appeared above the horizon, with its own pink/orange dawn light.)

Today through early to mid-next week will be prime viewing. By late next week, the blossoms will probably be on their way out. It's possible there might be some still around the weekend of 19-20, but they'll be fading fast. But there will, of course, be many other flowering trees out in the region.

So if you have a choice of going this weekend (12-13) or the weekend of 19-20, this weekend will be by far the best viewing (and also the most crowded). If you don't have to go on a weekend, today, tomorrow and Friday are also excellent times to go and should be a bit less crowded but every bit as beautiful. Check the weather forecasts, first, though–some scattered storms might hit the area on Friday.

































22 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Watch Update: April 9, 2014”

  1. We are planning to go there on the weekend of easter sunday… Do you think we could still see some blossoms by then?

    • The main cherry blossoms will likely be pretty much gone or well on their way, but there’ll be other trees and plants nearby blooming. There are also other varieties of cherry blossoms in the area, some of which bloom a little later.

  2. Hi David,

    How does Tuesday look for coming over. The rain on Saturday is not much it seems to wash away the blooms.

    Thanks for you website, it is second year i am following it.


    Dev L

  3. Hi David,
    Anxious to see your next update. Word has it that today is peak bloom. I just looked at weather & it seems like tomorrow is calling for rain/thunderstorms & rain Saturday morning as well.
    Since you earlier explained that the trees get a bit fragile after peak bloom, do you think there’s a chance some will be blown away because of all this raining coming up?
    We would be able to arrive Saturday afternoon & I’d hate to go & miss the show.
    What do you think?

  4. Hi David, we will be flying in from Chicago to see Cherry Blossoms this weekend. We will be driving in from the McLean area. Any recommendation for parking? we don’t mind for long walk. I remembered seeing a earlier post that roads are closed by Tidal Basin. Thanks for all your updates.

    • There are lots of spots around Hains Point. There’s paid parking across the river at Arlington Cemetery. But it will be very busy this weekend, so if it’s an option another way of getting in might save some hassle. More info on the Getting There page on this site.

  5. Me and my husband are planning to go this Sunday, is it safe to bring my tripod to take self portraits? I’m just wondering if other people do the same thing. I know its gonna be crowded but I’m hoping to get some shots together with the cherry blossoms in the background.

    • Absolutely. You’ll see dozens of tripods being used. It’s best not to block the pathway and create a tripping hazard, of course, but there’s plenty of room off the pathway.

      • Thank you! By the way, great photos! I’m glad to find this website *bookmarked*, we appreciate the updates!! Great thanks from PA

    • They’re blossoming now and heading into full bloom over the next several days. Anytime now through early next week is prime viewing. The weekend will be very good.

  6. Great Info – and Photos btw – very Nice!
    I was going to head down tomorrow AM but after reading your post think I’ll wait. I can’t be there over the weekend – if i wait until Monday do you think I’ll be OK with full blossomization or should I go Friday? Have you been by the Capitol to see Blossom Status? Thanks!

    • Monday should be ideal for blossoms in terms of blossoms being out, but not sure what the weather forecast is. And no, I haven’t yet had a chance to head up to the Capitol.

      • Update: The NPS has called his year’s peak bloom date as today (April 10). That might make Monday less ideal than I originally thought.

    • By the way, if anyone is looking for beautiful Washington DC photos, take a look at Randy’s work. I’ve been an admirer of his work for years. You can either click on the link in his name or go directly to his site.

  7. Thank you so much for these updates.
    Yours are much better than what the parks service does on social media. Very helpful for out of staters who plan on visiting.


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