Cherry Blossom Watch Update: April 9, 2013

Latest update on how Washington DC's famous Cherry Blossoms are doing as of April 9, 2013, with fresh photos taken this morning.

The National Park Service has determined that peak bloom was reached today, on April 9. The cherry blossoms are now in full bloom and looking beautiful and in their prime.

It’s another warm and sunny morning. Photographers were out in force this morning ready for the sunrise. Unfortunately, a wispy cloud on the horizon diluted the light a bit so we didn’t get much of that rich golden light we sometimes get, but there were some beautiful shots to be had nonetheless.

Thank you to the photographers who have already submitted their photos this morning. I’ll post some of them shortly. In the meantime, here are a few I took this morning.

Last updated June 28, 2016

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  • Is there any chance you can get a new picture of the Japanese weeping cherry trees again? I'm planning my engagement photos, and those are the ones we'd like to stand under. =)

    • As it happens, I just added one taken by a reader of a tree near the Smithsonian Castle. There don't tend to be thick groves of those like the Yoshinos, but they are around, particularly along the Potomac waterfront of Hains Point.