Cherry Blossom Watch Update: April 11, 2014

The cherry blossoms are looking glorious. They're in full bloom, and it'll be prime viewing over the weekend. On some trees, you can spot some…

The cherry blossoms are looking glorious. They’re in full bloom, and it’ll be prime viewing over the weekend. On some trees, you can spot some of the green leaves poking through, but for the most part they’re covered in beautiful white flowers in their prime. Over the next few days, the white will turn to pink–when I personally think they look their best.

As we head deeper into next week, they’ll start to fade. Stay tuned for a post later today illustrating what to expect as we move forward.

The weather forecast is shaping up very nicely for the weekend, and it should be a great opportunity to cruise the Tidal Basin in a paddle boat.

It’s going to get very busy around the Tidal Basin and National Mall. It’ll a good weekend to leave the car at home and find another way into town (here are some ideas on how to get there).

The National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade kicks off at 10am Saturday on Constitution Avenue.

Last updated December 31, 2015

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  • Hi David. Do you think Monday will still be a good day to come? With the warm weather expected tomorrow, I didn't know how quickly the green leaves replace the blossoms. Thanks.

    • There'll still be lots of flowers out to see on Monday, even though some of the early bloomers have started to turn. Stay turned for a new update posting shortly.

  • Hi,
    We are planning to come to DC on Wednesday, any chance of cherry blossoms being available by that time?

    • Possibly. Many of the trees will be turning by then, but there might still be some stragglers out.

  • Hi

    I have Nikon D90 , Please let me know settings i have to use to get best pic with cherry blossom

  • So happy I found this site! I have been wanting to go see the Cherry Blossoms in DC for soo many years. Finally completely spontaneously I told my husband to take off work Monday & Tuesday this coming week so we can get a chance to see them! We are driving 3 and a half hours and spending the night in a hotel. He's looking forward to the monuments. I'm looking forward to the backdrop of the monuments with the cherry blossoms. This is our first time visiting DC! I love having the daily updates to know where the blooms are at currently! Hopefully when I go there will be a mixture of pink and white :)