Cherry Blossom Watch / Kwanzan Edition: March 16, 2017

The Kwanzan cherry blossoms are much earlier in their development and look to be riding out the cold snap comfortably.

Since the Yoshinos and other varieties of cherry trees around the Tidal Basin area are taking such a battering from the cold, wintry weather we’re currently seeing, several people have been asking how the Kwanzan cherry blossoms are faring. They’re a different variety of cherry tree and they usually bloom roughly two to three weeks after the more famous Yoshinos.

The good news is that because they’re much earlier in their development they’re at a much less vulnerable stage right now. So they look to be riding out the cold temperatures without any issues.

The National Park Service horticulturists predict that the Kwanzans will reach peak bloom this year sometime around April 10-13. If that pans out, that’s going to be a slightly early bloom for them too, but not abnormally so.

Below are some photos of how they’re looking this morning. They’re still tightly wrapped, with the first hints of green buds starting to poke through on some of them.

I have more details on the Kwanzan cherry blossoms here, including a map with some of the larger clusters of trees marked.

Last updated March 16, 2017