Cherry Blossom Watch Update (Kwanzan Edition): April 9, 2016

Thanks to the wintry weather we've had recently, most of the Kwanzan cherry blossoms still aren't blooming.

Just a quick update today on the Kwanzan cherry blossoms in East Potomac Park and next to the FDR Memorial. And that is that there's not much new to report: they're still (mostly) not blooming.

There are scattered, occasional flowers out, but most of them aren't yet flowering. Blame the wintry weather we've been having recently for slowing things down. But I've come across quite a few in Arlington that are significantly ahead of the ones near the Tidal Basin.

Here's how they're looking this afternoon:

Want to Help Support DC's Cherry Trees?

If you'd like to help support the care and upkeep of the cherry trees around the Tidal Basin, the Trust for The National Mall has launched an Endow a Cherry Tree Campaign. Donations go to the official Cherry Tree Endowment, which will give the National Park Service additional resources to fund the care, maintenance, and possible replacement of the cherry trees. You can find more information here.

The Trust is dedicated to marshaling private support for maintaining and improving the history National Mall area. I'm not affiliated with the Trust--just an admirer of their efforts.

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  • If I came back mid week or later this weekend should it be in bloom since it's suppose to hit 70s?

  • Any update since the 9th?

    I've got a very young Kanzan here at home in Kansas City, and it is fully opening its first flowers today, while some others are just beginning to pop open. I'd predict peak boom here around Apr 18-20, though it's been warmer here in the Midwest than up in DC this week, and we had a bit of rain this week as well, so maybe it's a bit earlier here.

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