Cherry Blossom Watch Update: January 25, 2015

It's definitely winter. The Tidal Basin is partly frozen over. Snow is on the way. And the cherry blossoms are still tightly tucked away in their protective buds.

Welcome to the year’s first Cherry Blossom Watch update!

As we gear up for getting the bottom end of a big storm to hit the northeast, this is how the cherry blossoms look as of January 25. And for reference, here’s how they looked almost exactly a year ago.

Although it hasn’t been especially cold in the past week or two, there’s a layer of ice over about half of the Tidal Basin. The storm that’s coming should add a bit of snow over the next couple of days. It’s not clear yet how much, but it won’t be anything like what the regions around New York and Boston are expecting. But still, temperatures so far aren’t set to plummet to the extent they can.

Overall, the winter temperatures so far have been about normal. We haven’t had the sustained cold temperatures of last year’s winter-that-would-ever-end. Although it’s still too early to make predictions on when the cherry blossoms will reach peak bloom, the more normal temperatures we’ve had so far this winter hints at a more average peak bloom date and earlier than the late bloom we had last year.

Over the next few days I’ll add a post with a detailed comparison of the temperatures we’ve had so far this year compared to previous years. That will give some indication of how this year’s peak bloom forecast should shape up as compared to previous years.

Below the photos you can find some interactive virtual tours if you’d like a 360° view.

Virtual Tours

Prefer a 360° view? Here are some panoramas taken the same day from the Tidal Basin’s shore along the FDR Memorial.

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January 11

And here are a some shots from two weeks ago.

Want to Help Support DC's Cherry Trees?

If you'd like to help support the care and upkeep of the cherry trees around the Tidal Basin, the Trust for The National Mall has launched an Endow a Cherry Tree Campaign. Donations go to the official Cherry Tree Endowment, which will give the National Park Service additional resources to fund the care, maintenance, and possible replacement of the cherry trees. You can find more information here.

The Trust is dedicated to marshaling private support for maintaining and improving the history National Mall area. I'm not affiliated with the Trust--just an admirer of their efforts.

Last updated December 31, 2015