Cherry Blossom Watch Update: January 21, 2017

There's not much new to report since the last update, although temperatures have remained warmer than normal, and it looks like we'll close out January with temperatures above average for the month.

There’s not much new to report since the last update, but since I was going by the Tidal Basin anyway I figured I may as well post some new photos of how it’s looking.

Temperatures have continued to be warmer than normal. So far, average temperatures for January are 5.2° above normal. Based on current forecasts, it looks like January overall will end up being warmer than normal.

You can get a sense of how temperatures in tracked in recent years with this table:

DecemberJanuaryFebruaryMarchPeak Bloom Date
2019-20+2.4+6.4+4.8+7.3*March 20
2018-19+3.8+1.2+3.2+0.0April 1
2017-18-0.5-0.3+6.3-3.2April 5
2016-17+2.1+6.1+8.7-0.7*March 25
2015-16+11.5-1.1+0.9+6.5*March 25
2014-15+4.0-0.4-8.7-1.5April 10
2013-14+2.6-3.8-1.2-3.9April 10
2012-13+5.9+4.3-0.7-3.0April 9
2011-12+4.9+4.7+5.3+10March 20
2010-11--1.3+3.6-0.9March 29
Data sources: National Weather Service / National Park Service.
ˤ = partial month, in progress
* = up until peak bloom

If you’re in town for any of the events over the past few days and really want to see a few cherry blossoms, you’re in luck. Well, sort of. There are actually a few trees with a few blossoms around the Washington Monument. They’re the same ones I wrote about back in November. But before you get too excited, this is not remotely on the scale of the spring bloom–it’s just a few lonely scattered flowers on a few scattered trees. Below are some shots of them this morning. If you’re looking for these trees, head to the Washington Monument Visitor Center (on the eastern side) and follow the curved path in the direction of the Tidal Basin. You’ll have to look closely–they don’t exactly leap out at you.

Photos from This Morning

And these are from the north and northeast sides of the Washington Monument.

Last updated January 22, 2017